A Few Ways for Decorating a Child’s Bedroom When on a Budget

When starting any project where a child is concerned, it would be a great idea if you get them involved. What you need to remember is that this is their room, and you want the space to reflect just who they are and what they love. 

So why not grab a pen and some paper (as your child is likely to come up with 100’s of ideas) and get talking! 

Here are some ways for decorating your child's bedroom when you're on a budget.

1. When decorating a child’s room, choose the wall color carefully. It is important that you pick a color that matches the theme that you have chosen to make sure that everything complements and looks like they belong together. 

2. If you want to add a splash of color to a child’s room, and do not want to repaint, then add a solid colored rug. 

3. As curtains can be expensive, why not get a blind instead. Then hang a sheer panel in front of it. You can also add some color to a sheer panel so that it further complements the child’s room by painting it with fabric paints (you could even let your child do it themselves). 

4. Why not purchase a new light or lampshade to match the theme? This is a great way of adding a new look to your child’s room, as well as being a cost effective way of reducing the light they use in their rooms. Also, why not just buy a plain lampshade and then get some acrylic paints and let your child decorate it themselves? 

5. If you want to have bedding that will compliment your child’s bedroom, but can not afford to buy new bedding sets, why not instead buy some flat sheets (only cost a few dollars and come in a wide range of colors) and can easily be used for duvet covers by being sewn together? But not only can you use them to make duvet covers, but also for simple curtains and pillow cases which will compliment the décor of the room. 

6. Also, why not personalize something for their walls? You could make photographs of them and the family and pets into a collage. 

7. Another great way of making their room, and which will not break the bank, is to create a comfort zone. All you need are some big pillows, or a plush or inflatable chair. But make sure that it is something your child will enjoy sitting on and relaxing in. Also, as they will use this area for reading, then you will need to place some books close by. Do this by putting some small shelves or some plastic boxes on the side in the area and putting their books in them. 

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